Imagine when the civilization across the world would undergo a famine period. Global warming issues are also on the rise. Many conversions of productive fields into industrial lands and palm plantations occur everywhere, triggering the susceptibility of nature through the declining land quality with erosion, pests and diseases. Yields would fail, then pests would emerge due to imprudent use of land—causing damage to land on a large scale. How would Indonesia be during such time?

And thus, our desire to be of help arises, in which we can be a provider of food supply. This desire is also supported by the insufficiency of food Ssupplies for many people in remote areas in Indonesia, causing food to be a luxury for them.

The aim of this value is that we wish to provide foodstuff, not only for Indonesian people but also for the citizens of the world. Therefore, if the famine period does happen, we will be well-prepared with comestibles and continue with our lives.

The pillar serves as a foundation for Puncak Keemasan Lumbung Dunia in implementing their business as a subsidiary/unit company of PKG.