Indonesia was once in a period in which our people were colonized by foreign nations and were impaired in terms of educational curricula for the interest of the colonizers. As a result, the paradigm of Indonesian children seems like they are taught with unenlightening, non-critical, and un-proactive mindset, and as if they became subject to the whim of the colonizers.

Following our visit to many regions in the country, there are still a lot of lacking in education, particularly in remote areas. For years our society has been living with fragmented mindset.

For that reason, the aim of this value is to change the paradigm of Indonesia’s next generations so that they have a strong character that is freed of the shackles of the mind. It also aims to renew the current education system. On the other hand, we also intend to provide the less fortunate people the opportunity to have quality education. Thus, we have fulfilled one of our Company’s missions, which is to educate the young generations as the country’s successor.

The pillar serves as a foundation for Puncak Keemasan Mulia Bangsa in implementing their business as a subsidiary/unit company of PKG.