Empower and Beautify Ordinary Indonesia Women

Pursuant to Sulamit Cosmetics’ virtue to beautify Indonesian women who are inspiring and have inner beauty, including kindness and self-actualization, Sulamit Cosmetics has set up a special team to engage the people in villages across the country to discover Putri Sulamit (Sulamit Princess) based on the specified criteria.

To become Puteri Sulamit, she is not only required to be beautiful on the outside but also to have a good character and potential to consistently and dynamically work and give great influence for others. Puteri Sulamit has to be able to demonstrate her personal uniqueness and reflect her inner beauty that are far greater than her physical appearance.

The chosen Puteri Sulamit will represent her province and show her real work in developing and giving good influence to others and the environment for the better development. Puteri Sulamit will use every potential and talents that she has to carry out the non-government projects in advancing her surrounding society and environment through the support of Sulamit Cosmetics.